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Florida Personal Injury Settlements

Achieving Verdicts and Settlements for Victims of Catastrophic Injuries in Miami-Dade, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Broward, Fort Lauderdale, St. Lucie, Martin and throughout Florida

Our excellent trial record leads to significant out of court settlements. Here are some of the settlements we have received for our clients:

Most cases result in a lower recovery. It should not be assumed that your case will have as beneficial a result.

  • In April, 2006 a fifteen year old Kendall resident was admitted to a Miami-Dade County hospital for heart surgery. Although the surgery went well, the next morning it was discovered that a pulmonary clamp had not been removed. Although emergency surgery was performed to remove the clamp, the young girl had suffered irreparable damage to her lungs and other internal organs. Sadly, she died leaving behind two grieving parents and three brothers and sisters.

    The lawyers at Freidin•Dobrinsky were able to obtain a quick confidential resolution of the case to allow the parents of this young girl to obtain justice on her behalf and provide for the education of their other three children.

  • In 2001 K.L. a seaman aboard a commercial cruise vessel injured his hand when it got caught on an improperly designed and maintained water maker. Freidin•Dobrinsky sued the vessel owner under the Jones Act and for Unseaworthiness as well as the manufacturer of the water maker alleging that the manufacturer had negligently designed the water maker and the vessel owner improperly maintained the unit.

    Freidin•Dobrinsky was able to obtain confidential settlements from the vessel owner and the manufacturer for the injuries the seaman sustained to his hand.

  • In 2001 a Doral resident was riding his motorcycle on S.W. 8th Street when a European tourist driving a rental car made a left turn in front of him and severed his left leg. As a result of the accident, the Plaintiff who worked as a stage hand for commercial shoots lost his leg and was unable to continue working.

    During the course of the litigation, the defendant driver and the car rental agency alleged that the Plaintiff was speeding and driving in the wrong lane. Freidin•Dobrinsky hired an accident reconstructionist and a motorcycle expert and convinced the car rental agency that the Plaintiff was not at fault in the accident.

    Based on the testimony of the two experts Freidin•Dobrinsky was able to obtain an out of court confidential settlement which provided Plaintiff with some justice for the loss of his leg.

  • In late December 2002 through the spring of 2003 Plaintiff, a 74-year old woman, was a resident at a Miami-Dade County Assisted Living Facility. At the time of her admission to the ALF, Plaintiff was known to be a paranoid schizophrenic requiring anti-psychotic medication to reduce the effects of the schizophrenia, particularly delusions and hallucinations. Unfortunately, the facility failed to provide the Plaintiff with appropriate medications and psychiatric care causing her to suffer from psychotic episodes which rendered her helpless to control hallucinations, delusions, fits of rage and aggression.

    On the last day of her admission, the Plaintiff suffered from an uncontrolled psychotic rage, which caused the facility to call the police. In attempting to control the Plaintiff, the police injured her eye, arrested her and had her put in jail.

    The lawyers at Freidin Dobrinsky Brown & Rosenblum, P.A. persuaded the trial court that the Assisted Living Facilities Actions warranted a claim for punitive damages. Soon after the court granted the Plaintiff leave to amend her complaint to add a claim for punitive damages, the defendant agreed to settle the case and compensate the Plaintiff for her injuries and her pain and suffering.

  • Confidential Settlement for a Cruise Ship Passenger Who Tore His Meniscus When he Slipped and Fell on Spilled Water in the Dining Area

    In October 27, 2004, Plaintiff was a passenger on a cruise ship based out of Miami Florida. While attempting to get a drink at one of the restaurant's beverage stands, Plaintiff slipped on water that had accumulated on the marble floor. As a result of the fall, Plaintiff injured his knee and lower back which ultimately required surgery. Plaintiff claimed that as a result of the injury he continues to suffer from both knee and back pain.

    The lawyers at Freidin Dobrinsky Brown & Rosenblum, P.A. were able to obtain a successful confidential settlement to reimburse the Plaintiff for his medical bills as well as his pain and suffering.

  • Confidential Settlement Against a Condominium and It's Security Company for a Coconut Grove Real Estate Agent Who Tripped and Fell at an Improperly Maintained Entrance Way

    On or about February 26, 2005, Plaintiff, a Coconut Grove real estate agent, arrived by car at a Hallandale, Florida condominium. She stepped up on the curb and walked around towards the back of her car to take out some items from the trunk. Unfortunately, the condominium and its security company negligently placed the floor mat over the curb in a manner that made it appear as if it was on solid ground instead of hanging over the edge of the curb. Plaintiff, stepped on the mat, tripped and fractured her ankle in three places.

    As a result of the accident, Plaintiff had to undergo emergency surgery and many months of rehabilitation. She now also suffers from lower back pain as a result of her altered gait.

    Freidin Dobrinsky Brown & Rosenblum, P.A. was able to obtain a successful confidential settlement from the condominium and its security company to compensate the Plaintiff for her medical expenses and her pain and suffering as a result of her slip and fall.

  • Confidential Settlement for a Bal Harbor Resident Who Suffered a Fractured Pelvis When She Was Run Over by a Delivery Man in Her Condominium

    On November 30, 2005, Plaintiff was standing in the lobby of her Bal Harbor, Florida condominium talking to the concierge when a delivery man ran into the lobby carrying four boxes in his arms. Because the boxes covered his view, the delivery man did not see the Plaintiff and thus he ran into her and barreled her into the ground.

    As a result of this accident, the Plaintiff suffered a severe injury to her pelvis which required hospitalization, and then treatment at a residential rehabilitation facility. The Plaintiff eventually returned home with the need for home health care.

    The lawyers at Freidin Dobrinsky Brown & Rosenblum, P.A. were able to obtain a successful, confidential settlement for the plaintiff which fairly compensated her for her medical bills and her pain and suffering as a result of her injuries.

  • In the Case of C.M. vs. Hospital, we were able to obtain a $1.4 million settlement in presuit for a 71 year old male who was improperly intubated after suffering a cardiac arrest after undergoing a carotid endarterectomy. C.M. was left with brain damage and a very short life expectancy. This quick settlement allows the family to provide C.M. with the care he will need for the rest of his life.

  • IN RE AMERICAN FAMILY PUBLISHERS we were one of the firms representing consumers in this nationwide class action for unfair consumer trade practices which resulted in a negotiated settlement in which AFP paid $32 million to compensate individuals who had been taken advantage of by the deceptive sweepstakes mailings. Total payout by AFP, after attorney's fees and other items, is expected to be close to $40 million.

  • M.B. v. AMERICAN AIRLINES a confidential settlement for the parents of a young woman killed in an airline crash in South America.

  • F.L. v. FRANCO NURSING HOME $930,000 for the family of a victim of nursing home neglect.

  • R.W. v. John Doe Nursing Home a significant confidential settlement of $725,000 for a paraplegic man who developed severe bedsores at a nursing home.

  • N.W. v. WALT DISNEY a confidential settlement for a woman injured on the Body Wars ride.

  • M.D. and S.L. v. HAAGEN DAZS CO., INC. et al. $830,000 for two Belgian citizens injured in Orlando in a car crash.

  • T.W. v. HUMANA & ECKERD $725,000 for the Orlando family of a woman who overdosed on prescription medicines over prescribed to her by her doctors, her pharmacy and approved by her HMO.

  • M.S. v. BEZTAK MANAGEMENT CO. $650,000 for injuries to a woman's leg resulting from slipping on a pool deck at her apartment complex.

  • D.G. v. CHRYSLER a confidential settlement for airbag injuries to a woman driver.

  • R.S. v. DENNY'S $700,000 against the restaurant for a woman mugged and injured in the eatery's parking lot.

  • D.G. v. TRAVELERS $2.5 million for an 18 year old blinded in a car accident after he failed to yield at a stop sign.

  • C.R. v. METRO-DADE COUNTY $1 million for the parents of a 35 year old single man with AIDS killed by a bus while riding his bicycle on Miami Beach.

  • R.S. v. PRUDENTIAL A $1.3 million life insurance policy settlement for the family of a man who died as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning in his own car in his own garage. The defense claimed suicide, we claimed accident.

  • A.R. v. PREMIER CRUISE LINES $350,000 for a 15 year old girl sexually attacked by a cruise ship crew member.

  • E. M. v. her Doctor and Hospital yielded $950,000 for "wrongful life" damages resulting from failure to diagnose prenatal defects which should have led to termination of pregnancy and avoidance of extensive medical expenses for the child after she was born.

  • 3 victims v. 2 companies responsible for a small plane crash in Bolivia brought $3.1 million.

  • D.K. v. Delta Airlines $450,000 settlement for flight attendant injured in auto accident.

  • Bell v. Plantation General $1 million settlement for mother of child who died as a result of medical negligence.

  • A.L. v. A local hospital $1.875 million for wrongful death of a child as a result of negligently inserting feeding tube.

  • G.B. v. A local hospital $1 million for wrongful death of a child as a result of medical negligence in failing to diagnose meningitis.

  • Estates of S.S. & S.S. v. WJV $900,000 for homeowners deaths case from carbon monoxide poisoning.

  • Estate of SF v. UM $775,000 in medical malpractice action based on failure to diagnose malignant melanoma.

  • Estate of R.S. vs. Hospital/Nursing Home/Pharmacy $436,000.00 Wrong medication given to resident of ALF which led to hospitalization and development of a pressure ulcer.

  • L.N vs. Car Dealership $475,000.00 Racial discrimination in a car dealership

  • Estate of B. S. vs. Hospital $700,000.00 Settlement for an ER patient left unattended with no medical care which resulted in his death.

  • Estate of G.M. vs. Hospital $490,000.00 Pain and suffering for development of a pressure ulcer in a patient who died from unrelated causes.

  • Estate of V.C. vs. Nursing Home $465.000.00 Pressure ulcer developed by nursing home resident who was in a coma.

  • D.G. vs. Rental Car Company a $1.2 million settlement for wrongful death of a mother of two in an auto accident.

  • A.W. vs. Doctor and Hospital $825,000 in medical malpractice for failure to properly treat stroke.

  • M.J.S. vs. Various Companies $1.075 million for death of man when his car ran off the road and hit a tree negligently planted in a median.

  • Estate of L.A. vs. USA $900,000 Wrongful death case against the Federal Bureau of Prisons for failure to timely diagnose and treat colo-rectal cancer.

  • Estate of I.C. vs. Nursing Home $2.5 million a claim for large bedsores.

  • Estate of Z.R. vs. ALF $337,500 case for resident of assisted living facility who fell and suffered a subdural hematoma.

  • B.W. a minor vs. State Hospital $1 million settlement for policy limits for failure to timely treat a meningitis infection.

  • Estate of N.C. vs. Hospital and Doctors $3 million settlement for family of woman allowed to bleed to death after child birth.

  • E.D. vs. Venture Capital Firm $400,000 negotiated a separation agreement for a member of a hedge fund.

  • Estate of L.G. vs. Security Company $1.8 million settled case against a security company for the wrongful death of the mother of three teenage girls when their house alarm did not work and the mother was killed in her bedroom by an intruder. Defendant claimed that its damages under its contract were limited to $500.00.

  • M.M. vs. Insurance Company $700,000 settlement for family injured in an automobile accident

  • M.S. vs. Music Company $260,000 Plaintiff claimed that she was sexually harassed and ultimately fired by her immediate supervisor.

  • T.S., a minor vs. R.S. M.D & Hospital $800,000 Settlement for infant for injuries sustained pre-natally.

  • J.S. vs. Hospital $250,000 presuit settlement for hospital bedsores.

  • A.W. vs. Defendant Doctors and Hospital $825,000 Settlement for stroke victim not properly treated.

  • C.M. vs. Hospital $1.4 million presuit settlement for hospital's failure to intubate a 71 year old man correctly causing an anoxic brain injury.

  • Estate of F.O. vs. Airline company & General Motors Corp $827,000.00 Death of co-pilot resulting from airplane crash on take off.

  • O.I. v. Building Solutions Company $329,838 Wrongful termination on employment - age discrimination.

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