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Medical/Hospital Malpractice

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Miami Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Are You Or A Loved One Suffering Because Of A Medical Mistake, Hospital Negligence Or Misdiagnosis?

Medical malpractice, also referred to as medical negligence, may be committed by doctors, surgeons, physicians, hospitals, nurses or another health care professional. Medical malpractice occurs when one of these individuals fails to act reasonably or deviates from a reasonable standard of care that a similar medical professional would exercise under the same circumstances, leading to injury, an extended hospital stay, readmission or death of a patient.

The medical malpractice attorneys at the Miami law firm of Freidin Dobrinsky Brown & Rosenblum, P.A. have over 90 years of combined experience representing victims of medical negligence throughout South Florida. If you or a loved one has been the victim of medical malpractice, contact our Florida law firm online or at 800-815-6232 to discuss your legal options.

A Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Can Hold The Right Person Responsible

At Freidin Dobrinsky Brown & Rosenblum, P.A., our Florida medical malpractice attorneys have the knowledge and experience to pursue full compensation for your injuries after a medical mistake. We have nurses on staff and we use a multitude of sophisticated litigation techniques including forensics to prove that a medical mistake or hospital negligence is to blame for injury. We are known among defense lawyers and insurance companies as being formidable opponents and we are not afraid to take on large hospitals or their insurers after medical negligence results in serious injury.

Our Miami lawyers handle cases involving:

Unfortunately, children and the elderly may be among the patients most likely to experience serious injury or even death due to a medical mistake. Infant medication mistakes can quickly turn a joyous event like childbirth into a heartwrenching experience. Discovering that a loved one has been the victim of nursing home neglect or has developed painful  bed sores because an assisted living facility did not attend to him or her properly can and should make you angry.

You are not without options, however. Contact our firm today to discuss pursuing a medical malpractice case when the mistake or negligence of a health care professional causes serious injury to you or your family.

A Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Improves Safety For Everyone

A skilled Florida medical malpractice attorney not only protects the rights of victims, but also helps to drive change by making our communities safer. In the landmark case Webb v. Priest , we established important pretrial discovery rules requiring defendant doctors to disclose their opinions about their own conduct and that of their colleagues. This case helped break down the so-called "conspiracy of silence" among doctors.

Our firm has also established a reputation for achieving successful results on behalf of our medical malpractice clients, including:

  • A $38 million jury verdict for twin boys who were rendered blind due to the defendant doctor's malpractice after they were born premature. Had the doctor properly screened and diagnosed the two infants, their sight could have been saved.
  • A $12.7 million jury verdict for a 5-year-old child who sustained brain injury as a result of negligent care at Miami Children's Hospital
  • A $2.2 million jury verdict for the Broward family of a victim of medical malpractice resulting from a failure to diagnose and hospitalize in a timely fashion based on a single phone call to the family doctor who failed to carefully listen to the patient's wife

While prior results do not indicate that a future case will have the same success, at Freidin Dobrinsky Brown & Rosenblum, P.A. our dedicated team of lawyers prepare every case for trial; the benefit to our clients is that we are ready and willing to fight for the compensation your family needs after a health care professional causes serious injury or death.

Additional Medical Malpractice Information

If you believe that a doctor, nurse, or other medical professional made a mistake that caused injury to you or your loved one, then these additional medical malpractice resources may be helpful to you:

Contact Freidin Dobrinsky Brown & Rosenblum, P.A. For A Free Consultation

If you or a family member has suffered due to a serious medical malpractice catastrophic injury or wrongful death, we want you to know that we are here to help. Contact us online or at 800-815-6232 to arrange a free initial consultation with a Florida medical malpractice attorney to discuss your medical negligence or malpractice claim.

We also welcome inquiries and the opportunity to work with other attorneys and law firms to help maximize their client's recovery. We accept case referrals from attorneys throughout Florida and the United States and pay referral fees in accordance with the rules regulating The Florida Bar.

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