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Why Do I Need a Personal Injury Attorney?

Get The Answers You Need From A Source You Can Trust After Serious Injury

When someone else is at fault in an accident or someone acted negligently causing the accident, it's important to speak to an experienced Florida personal injury attorney. A knowledgeable lawyer will have the resources to investigate the accident and help you understand the personal injury lawsuit process.

At Freidin Dobrinsky Brown & Rosenblum, P.A., our team of dedicated injury attorneys have more than 90 combined years of experience representing those who have suffered serious injury or lost a loved one because the negligent or bad acts of another person or business. Contact our firm online or at 800-495-8060 to discuss your legal questions with one of our South Florida lawyers. The first consultation is free.

Experience, Knowledge, Results. An Attorney On Your Side.

A personal injury attorney will be your advocate after an accident. He or she will provide you with critical information about how to proceed, about your case and about the steps that are necessary to seek compensation for your injuries. Hiring a personal injury lawyer to assist you will provide the following three important benefits:

Legal Advice. An experienced attorney with a track record of achieving successful results can advise you on how to proceed after a car accident, truck accident, medical mistake or defective product causes you serious injury. A personal injury attorney can answer important questions that can improve the likelihood that you will receive full and fair compensation for your injuries, including:

  • What evidence or photos should be collected?
  • Who should I talk to after an accident?
  • How should I document an accident or incident that has resulted in serious personal injury to myself or a loved one?

Case Evaluation. Two of the most important questions after a Florida accident are "Do I have a case?" and "How much is my case worth?" An attorney who has handled hundreds of accidents just like yours will be able to provide you with an accurate assessment of your case. Understanding the legal issues that may arise in your case can help you determine whether pursuing a personal injury lawsuit is necessary to fully recover after another person or business harms you or your family.

Experienced Legal Guidance: Navigating the complex legal process after an accident or injury isn't easy. It is often complicated by lawyers and insurance companies who are trying to limit the at-fault person or business' financial responsibility for your injuries. After you have been injured or lost a loved one to a motor vehicle accident, medical malpractice or a defective product, an attorney on your side means that you are free to focus on healing, grieving and recovering while your personal injury attorney deals with the person or business responsible for your pain and suffering and any involved insurance company.

Contact The Florida Law Firm Of Freidin Dobrinsky Brown & Rosenblum, P.A.

Florida personal injury legal advice is available at the law firm of Freidin Dobrinsky Brown & Rosenblum, P.A. From our offices in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and Ft. Myers, our personal injury lawyers offer a free initial consultation to discuss the merits of your case and any questions you may have about the Florida legal process. Contact our law firm online or call our Florida law office today at 800-815-6232. We want to help you through the legal process after an accident.

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