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Trucking Accident Causes

Rigorous, Resourceful Investigation of Florida Truck Accidents

Fatalities are unfortunately common in accidents involving a semi or other big rig, and many other accidents result in catastrophic brain injuries, spinal injuries including paralysis, and other outcomes that require extensive treatment, lengthy recovery time, and sometimes lifetime care. Our legal team is dedicated to pursuing maximum compensation for you, both by clearly defining accident causes and substantiating the total impact on your life.

Please contact us now if you or a loved one has been victimized in a Florida truck accident. It can be critical to get informed guidance on what to do after a truck accident - and what not to do - and we will move quickly to mobilize investigators and other experts to preserve what may be critical evidence in your case.

Establishing Liability on the Part of Drivers and Trucking Companies

In addition to factors like driver error, drunk or impaired driving, and others that cause accidents between trucks and passenger vehicles, a commercial truck or construction vehicle accident may involve special considerations such as:

  • Violations of federal and state regulations specific to trucking and interstate commerce, including those covering load weights and hazardous materials
  • An unqualified truck driver, fatigue due to pressure to maintain timelines, failure to perform proper truck maintenance, or other issues that may invoke corporate responsibility and help maximize compensation you can recover
  • Driver inattentiveness due to the use of handheld devices, including on-board company communication device, or texting or talking on cell phones

Hearing You Out and Putting Strong Resources to Work on Your Behalf

Our personal injury and wrongful death trial lawyers have collective experience totaling over 75 years. We are respected throughout Florida for our diligence in investigating and building strong cases:

  • Whether or not you already have a sense of the driving behavior that caused your accident
  • By finding and interviewing witnesses who may be able to help - in identifying a speeding or out-of-control truck or other accident cause, for example
  • When establishing a trucking accident's primary and contributing causes require reconstruction and investigation

At Freidin Dobrinsky Brown and Rosenblum, based in Miami, Florida, but prepared to handle cases statewide, we welcome Spanish-speaking clients and people of all other cultural backgrounds. A case evaluation will cost you nothing, and we want to help.

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