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Corporate Responsibility

Holding Trucking Companies Responsible for Negligence

The fundamental aspects of building the victim's best case in any injury-causing auto accident include proving liability, identifying all insurance coverage and other potential means of recovery, and substantiating the full physical, emotional, and financial costs for victims.

In an accident involving a commercial truck or construction vehicle, many factors may add to the complexity of the case. Often it is critical to have a proven attorney and well-resourced firm on your side to investigate and prove corporate responsibility. After a trucking accident or other roadway catastrophe in the Miami, Florida, area or statewide, we encourage you to contact us at Freidin Dobrinsky Brown and Rosenblum.

Proving Corporate Responsibility Can Increase Your Recovery

Like other companies and organizations we have held accountable for negligence, trucking companies are driven to achieve speed, efficiency and productivity while minimizing costs. When this is accomplished by cutting corners that put others at risk - including those that violate federal or state trucking regulations - our firm is prepared to prove it and advocate aggressively for a maximum settlement or verdict on your behalf.

Some of the more common and critical trucking company practices that have been exposed include:

  • Falsifying records required to track vehicle maintenance and usage
  • Failure to properly background-check truck drivers for a history of driving violations or alcohol or drug abuse - or knowingly allowing unqualified drivers to continue operating their commercial vehicles
  • Neglecting truck repairs or other maintenance requirements

Committed to Finding All Possible Sources of Compensation for You

In some truck accident cases, the trucking company or owner-operator of the rig may be partially responsible, but another third party - such as a maintenance company, contractor, or subcontractor may also have corporate responsibility and liability. Our attorneys have extensive experience determining all forms of insurance coverage that may apply to your case, and in filing claims or lawsuits against multiple entities.

To request a complimentary consultation to discuss your options directly with an experienced lawyer, please call 800-815-6232 or send us e-mail today. Fast action could be critical to recovering the money you deserve.

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