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Central Florida Truck Accidents

Semi Truck Accident Injury Victims' Lawyers Serving Orlando and Central Florida

Traveling on Orange County roadways can be a risky and life-changing proposition - as you or a family member may have been horrifically reminded. Mixed with passenger vehicle drivers from all over the country is a high volume of 18-wheelers, semi trucks, delivery and service vehicles, construction vehicles and other commercial trucks.

Unfortunately, when an accident involves a very large, heavy vehicle, injuries are especially likely to be serious or fatal. While you may have emerged from a truck accident feeling fortunate to have survived, our proven attorneys are here for you if other major challenges lie ahead for you as an injury victim.

Prepared to Handle All Aspects of Your Trucking Accident Injury Case

In a trucking accident case, our approach will include going the distance to establish the accident cause, prove negligence, and quantify the total financial and overall impact on your life as an injury victim. We build the best possible cases for our clients, taking into account specialized issues including:

  • Federal and state trucking regulations
  • Corporate responsibility for acts of negligence including putting unqualified, fatigued or negligent drivers on the road or failing to maintain vehicles properly

Florida Attorneys With a Statewide Reputation for Capable Advocacy

Our firm's main office is in Miami, Florida, but our capabilities and reputation enable us to handle high-stakes cases statewide. We can assess your needs and potentially represent you in negotiations or litigation regardless of where your serious injury-causing semi truck accident occurred, including:

  • The greater Orlando area, Apopka, Lake Buena Vista, Winter Park, Windermere or elsewhere in Orange County
  • On urban streets or connecting roads, or area highways including I-4, 536, 417, 429, U.S. 17, 92, 192, 441, 50, 408, 91 and 429

We have represented brain injury sufferers and their families, victims of paralysis and other spinal injuries, and many people whose serious injuries required decades of treatment and rehabilitation or lifelong, full-time care. The costs of such injuries are staggering, and our team and network of resources work diligently to earn financial compensation for our clients that makes a real difference in their futures. In numerous cases, this has meant a verdict or settlement in the millions of dollars.

Turn to a Quality Law Firm With the Resources to Help Your Case Succeed

We offer a complimentary case evaluation on your semi truck accident, and we provide quality representation on a full contingency fee basis. For personal attention to your needs and to discuss potential accident victim compensation in your case, please call 800-815-6232 now.

Our accident lawyers provide legal services to semi truck accident victims throughout Orange County, including Orlando, Apopka, Lake Buena Vista, Winter Park, and Windermere.
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